“I’m ready for Simple Simon’s” (Jon Amber Woods via Facebook 5/5/16)
“Simple Simons!!!! We were ready to eat…The lady came through before closing time… I can sleep good now, phone on airplane mode #‎Goodnight” (Candis Hurt via Facebook 3/25/16)
“Or just bring me a cheese pizza from Simple Simons” (Ryahsaurus via Twitter 4/11/16)
“Man such good pizza and love the people who work here.” (Gideon Flowers via Facebook 2/9/16)
“I think I need Simple Simon’s today” (ThyOddlne via Twitter 4/13/16)
“Just downloaded a Simple Simon’s pizza app 😅😂” (darian_nicole_ via Twitter 5/19/16)
“Awesome environment, great food and amazing employees! We love the buffet and salad bar!” (Amy Bittle via Facebook 2/14/16)
“You can never go wrong with Simple Simon’s pizza.” (lexxxiieeee via Twitter 5/24/16)
“Nothing beats Simple Simon’s in Glen Rose when you’re half starving. I’m sure I could eat 7 of these pizzas by myself. Not gonna lie.” (alaska_wah via Twitter 5/4/16)
“@shaunw24 Simple Simon’s has some good calizones” (Colt0nRay via Twitter 5/25/16)
“One thing I miss about Sallisaw… Simple Simon’s… 😩” (ZavSwimmer5 via Twitter 5/19/16)
“Stopped by my local @Simple_Simons and always a great place. Dude actually brought my pie to my car! Talk about great service.” (Truffleshuffleb via Twitter 2/3/16)
“Simple Simon’s > most foods” (Justin Harvey via Twitter 5/30/16)
“@Carson_avery I’m telling you go to Simple Simon’s if you find one get their Stromboli I get one every time I visit the fam” (Sarr_ via Twitter 4/4/2016)
“All I want is Simple Simon’s 😫😫😫” (Shyann_2016 via Twitter 5/3/16)
“It’s been years but I really do miss Simple Simon’s pizza” (samfeldt via Twitter 4/11/16)
“Someone bring me a cookie pizza from Simple Simon’s. Pls..” (HavenBailey via Twitter 3/13/16)
“I just want Canadian bacon pizza from Simple Simon’s and like four Reese’s for this final.” (skylar_smith10 via Twitter 3/14/16)
“I love the @Simple_Simons in Sweeny, TX. It is so nostalgic. Pure 80’s…all the way.” (JoCrawford8888 via Twitter 2/17/16)
“Simple Simon’s will forever be my fav 😛” (starr_beaver via Twitter 3/21/16)
“Simple Simon’s is SO good!” (grace_bane via Twitter 5/31/16)
“Simple Simons📍🍕😋” (ayegee2012 via Twitter 4/8/16)
“Sayin the same! Lol but simple simon”s pizza is always exceptional at any time of the day! #leftovers” (tiffany_cruz via Twitter 4/9/16)
“Getting off work to drive all the way to Nashville to get pep pizza from simple simon’s then turn around and drive home… #pizza” (Kyle_Turbeville via Twitter 4/8/16)
“I love the chicken bacon ranch pizza with no peppers it’s my favorite thing to get there. The people who work there are very nice and friendly.” (Richard Armstrong via Facebook 2/17/16)
“I get to have a Large Thick slice Bacon Pizza for dinner tonight. This is a really good day! :D, @TreeckoloverPat Can confirm it was absolutely delicious. Suffering from a food coma, but it was totally worth. Simple Simon’s is the best!” (TreeckoloverPat via Twitter 4/10/16)
“eating lunch with family at Simple Simon’s Pizza” (chicrobbins via Twitter 5/22/16)
“I’m not really nervous for basic anymore I’m just sad that I don’t get to eat Simple Simon’s calizone all summer” (shelbischultz via Twitter 5/28/16)
“Someone come to simple Simons with me!!👌🏼” (lane_nix via Twitter 5/11/16)
“@kaliforrnia I could eat Simple Simon’s pizza 24/7 and never get tired of it” (darian_nicole_ via Twitter 5/19/16)
“Love love!!!! Great food for game day!!! Boomer Sooner!!!!!!!!” (Kacey Burk via Facebook 12/31/15)
“First meal we have in our new house….Simple Simon’s. Who would’ve guessed?” (traseydb via Twitter 4/13/16)
“@KentWaters1 East Bernard Simple Simon’s is life changing js” (RachelPolak1 via Twitter 5/22/16)
“Excellent pizza and amazing customer service…best restaurant in town.” (Blaine Strong via Facebook 2/9/16)
“I want Simple Simon’s Pizza” (thejennajones via Twitter 3/10/16)
“My 4-year-old daughter loves this place it’s her favorite place to eat she even said its better than McDonald’s which means a lot to a 4yr old lol” (Juliespeedmadisyn via Facebook 3/24/16)
“@corey_deleon like I’ve been missing Simple Simon’s calizones so badly lately and it’s not okay” (jessaguh via Twitter 3/8/16)‏
“I want Simple Simon’s pizza when I get to Arkansas. like my mom needs to bring it to the airport” (Mochanhontas via Twitter 5/1/16)
“Someone please buy me a cheese pizza from Simple Simon’s 😛🍕” (courtneygoodwin via Twitter 3/26/16)

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Simple Simon’s Pizza Continues 2016 Growth With Weir, KS Franchise

TULSA, OK – J&H Foods, parent company of Simple Simon’s Pizza and CheeZies Pizza, announces the opening of their latest Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise in Weir, KS. Simple Simon’s Pizza of Weir is owned and operated by Hamid Rauf, and is located inside Quik Shop at 202 E. Main Street in Weir, KS. “We are…

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