“All I’ve been craving for the last week is caesar salad and alpine sticks from simple simons.” (tor_heee via Twitter 11/10/16)
“Sometimes we have to appreciate the only pizza place in town. Much love for Simple Simons on satisfying my hungry needs” (Thurlo Ty via Twitter 6/21/16)
“I want a calizone from Simple Simons (brittanyrhea15 via Twitter” 9/27/16)
“Just ate the best pizza from Simple Simon’s! Very well made…” (ChelbyEdmonds via Twitter 7/8/16)
“Simple simons pizza is always the best!!” (lexxiieeee via Twitter 9/27/16)
“A calzone from Simple Simons would do numbers right now” (MauricoHorn via Twitter 7/11/16)
“Simple Simons for breakfast” (Colton2442 via Twitter 9/9/16)
“All I want rn is simple simons” (SVThraillkill via Twitter 10/31/16)
“I love when I call in pizza from simple Simons and they tell me it’ll only take 10 minutes <3” (jessa_rae_ via Twitter 8/13/16)
“someone asked me what my moms store number was and I accidentally gave them Simple Simons number. That says a lot. :-D  :-D ” (Christiinnnaa_via Twitter 7/23/16)
“@kristinamfoster Simple Simon’s is the best…it is seriously the best” (darian_nicole_via Twitter 7/12/16)
“Yummy Simple Simons for my birthday! With @kelleegentry and great…” (RobertSGentry via Twitter 7/27/16)
“Omg Simple Simons Pizza in Hudson just won my #theydeliver” (ellisonfce via Twitter 10/30/16)
“Simple Simon’s calzone is life” (_Jpharoah_ via Twitter 7/13/16)
“Simple Simons buffet is so clutch man” (CallMeClutchhhh via Twitter8/18/16)
I just called Simple Simons and before I could place my order he said “wanna calzone?” I eat there too much” (ShaeMarrrrrie 7/26/16)
“need a calzone from Simple Simon’s. Someone hook a girl up” (morgan_leeann5 via Twitter 6/6/16)
“I just want some simple simons” (Firestorm_212 via Twitter 7/2/16)
“I’d prefer a Calzone from Simple Simons but yes!!! That’s my kinda night!!#pizza#netflix#calzone#fridaynight” (countrywraplady via Twitter 8/5/2016)
“Classes haven’t even started yet and the only thing that keeps me going is Simple Simons” (LindsayBiscoe via Twitter 8/11/16)
“Simple Simons Pizza Review: -Big 8 Calzone is Buku Lit -Jalapeno Breadsticks Got Me Spitting Fire” (TheOfficialMOBE via Twitter  8/9/16)
“I love simple Simons pizza sooooo much” (hannah_rackleff via Twitter 11/23/16)
“SIMPLE SIMONS JUST SAVED MY LIFE.” (Kedrah Williams via Twitter 7/10/16)
“It was awesome so gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Gregory McEntire via Facebook 8/15/16)
“I NEED bacon ranch cheese sticks from Simple Simons…” (TaelyDedmon via Twitter 10/31/16)
“Love their pizza and cookie cakes. When we want pizza we always go here. Friendly service and clean restaurant.” (Stacey Coates Manning via Facebook 8/5/16)
“Simple Simons hit the spot” (Sylvia_Delodge via Twitter 6/26/16)
“The guy at simple Simons still remembered me :D. My love for pizza is unreal” (Wyatt_Smith15 via Twitter 8/11/16)
“Simple Simons always on point!” (TheWhiteChoogie via Twitter 10/4/16)
“Dying for a Simple Simons pizza :-D” (air_gott24 via Twitter 6/13/16)
“I just got home and my dad saved me some Simple Simon’s from their dinner :-) <3” (reillyjacobss via Twitter 8/6/16)
“I miss Simple Simons…they had THE BEST pizza ever.” (_jennarae via Twitter 6/2/16)

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Simple Simon’s Pizza Continues Western Expansion With Pueblo, CO Opening

TULSA, OK – J&H Foods, parent company of Simple Simon’s Pizza and CheeZies Pizza, is pleased to announce the opening of the latest Simple Simon’s Pizza location in Pueblo, CO. Simple Simon’s Pizza of Pueblo is located at 1617 W. US Highway 50 in Pueblo, CO, and is owned and operated by brothers Brian and…

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