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Simply The Best Place To Be!

About Us

Simple Simon’s Pizza® Mission Statement

To Provide… our valued customers the most outstanding pizza, calizones, and sandwiches they’ve ever had … every time.

We Will Do This…. by our commitment to quality, service, and cleanliness, on a customer by customer basis … day in and day out.

We Will Exceed… our customers’ expectations every time, in every way!

Founded in 1983, Simple Simon’s Pizza® began with and still maintains a plain and simple philosophy—”to serve the best in pizza, calizone, and sandwiches at the most affordable price in a fun-filled, family atmosphere”. Now there are over 200 Simple Simon’s Pizza® locations across 10 states in the U.S., everywhere from large cities to small town communities. People are discovering that Simple Simon’s is one of the best kept franchising secrets in the food industry. With exceptional new unit development, operations management and continuing support, owning a Simple Simon’s franchise is the business opportunity you’ve been looking for. Simple Simon’s Pizza® has been ranked within the top 50 pizza franchise companies for several years, according to Pizza Today’s listing of the “Hot 100 Franchises.” Through the tremendous dedication of operators and their drive for the future Simple Simon’s is continuing to grow. Now is the time to be a part of this rapid expansion. If you have ever considered operating your own pizza business, Simple Simon’s Pizza® wants you to know the exciting opportunities we provide. Starting a business from the ground up is very difficult, but by operating a franchise you gain the resources and support of an entire established organization.

The Simple Simon’s Pizza® System

We are very proud of the business we’ve built and are confident that you will see the endless opportunities that await those who join us as franchise owners. Below is a more detailed synopsis of our working philosophy and how we separate ourselves in the pizza industry.

By purchasing a Simple Simon’s Pizza® franchise, you become your own small business owner. Doing that allows you to take advantage of all the resources, experience, and expertise that has propelled Simple Simon’s Pizza® to over 240 locations covering 8 states. We will help you successfully implement your Simple Simon’s Pizza® concept and give you all the tools to operate your own profitable Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise.

Our goal is to offer the public a superior product at a lower cost than our competitors, which creates a unique position in the market. As a high quality-low cost provider, we create unique, valued position in the minds of our customers.

Simple Simon’s Pizza® basically emphasizes Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. It is vital to provide the best product at the very best price everyday. This helps maintain cost controls and promotes a long term approach to operating a profitable Simple Simon’s Franchise.

Generally we target smaller rural or suburban niche markets, so that we can enter the community at an affordable cost and operate with low overhead. An affordable entry cost will allow operators to achieve solid “return on sales.” We do not focus solely on the expensive task of creating sales through marketing top-line increases. We are bottom-line focused through store operations. We believe marketing should be used to re-enforce the price-value relationship and to support the operational thrust.

You can own your own business without taking all the risks.  Why not have the freedom of being self-employed while having the experience and resources of an established and successful organization with a brand that has been successful for over 20 years. That’s what owning your own business in the Simple Simon’s organization can give you. Of course, the level of success you achieve is based on your dedication and hard work.

Once you become a member of the Simple Simon’s organization, you will receive assistance in all important aspects of business operations both before opening a store and afterward. Whether a franchise or license operation, as a franchise owner you have the right and the awesome benefits of using our system that includes trademarks, protected logos, unique images, marketing techniques, special recipes and national account pricing.

Some assistance you would receive as follows:

  • Experienced company personnel to assist in support of the site selection process to help maximize your operation based on market, cost and functionality.
  • The Company will provide samples of building plans, other floor plan models and approved specifications. You will hire your own contractors and architects to build or remodel your location according to approved company specifications and standards. We will also assist you in your equipment needs that will fit your type of operation.
  • Training: The best training that operators can receive is hands-on. Our hands-on training will teach you proper product preparation, cash and inventory control, maintenance, personnel hiring and development, and marketing techniques from our trained staff.
  • Opening Assistance: A team will assist in the initial training of your employees to help you feel confident when transitioning to your complete operational responsibility.
  • Operation Manual and Training Videos: You will receive a variety of manuals and DVD’s to assist you as a reference in operations, product prep, advertising and much more.
  • Purchasing: We are serviced by national food distributors that provide frequent deliveries to our locations. At low national contract pricing, our system’s buying power enables you to keep your cost of goods at a very competitive and profitable level.
  • Field Service: On a periodic routine, an operations specialist will visit your store. The visit is to ensure that operational standards are being met and profitability is maximized. Your success is important to us.
  • Marketing: Simple Simon’s Pizza will assist you in developing strategies to increase customer count, business and profits. A great emphasis is put on local store marketing. We will work with you to develop materials that will establish your Simple Simon’s Pizza location.

We are very proud of our business and love sharing it with motivated people like yourself.  Your success is the reason we are in business. As you succeed and grow, so does the Simple Simon’s Pizza® family. Thank you for your interest in Simple Simon’s Pizza® – we believe it is ‘Simply the best place to be!’

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